Starting your weightloss journey

Less energy in, faster weight loss but do not go so extreme as you cannot starve for a lifetime. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle.

Four ladies fighting obesity

Healthy eating for weight loss:

Most of the excess weight comes from eating loads of energy foods.
The excess energy (glucose and fats) is always stored as body fat.

So it’s important to eat energy foods in moderation or you could even omit them from your dinner to manage weight and reduce heart disease and Diabetes risk. Weight management also improves control of blood pressure, minimising complications like heart attacks and kidney injury in hypertensive individuals.

  1. Carbohydrates: matooke, rice, potatoes, Millet ( serve one portion, equivalent to a computer mouse)
  2. Sugar, also in juices and confectionery (gradually reduce amounts as it’s hard to just quit for your used to the sweet taste)
  3. Fat and oils : many weight watchers tend to omit fats and oils from cooking but forget to omit high fat snacks like cakes and cookies. Caution on excess use of healthy oils. There are studies suggesting high fat diets, ketogenic (high fat-high protein) are beneficial to weight loss and have seen this work however caution should be taken if your diet is still high carbohydrate, adding high fat will only give you extra weight. So I say at the start of weight loss, do not choose high fat diet.
  4. Alcohol ( this is also a source of energy as it’s broken down to sugars in the body). In Uganda, so many people take an average of 2 beers at one sitting, the more social events the higher the amounts taken per week so it’s very common to analyse one’s diet and notice atleast one kilogram excess fat in a month from attributed to alcohol.
  5. In summary, to maximize weight loss from exercise,eat less of the energy foods.

Less energy in, faster weight loss but do not go so extreme as you cannot starve for a lifetime. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle. To make it easier get a personalised meal plan.


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